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脱卸式管道保温套Removable Heat Insulation Covers

脱卸式管道保温套采用耐高低温、防火保温材料,根据管道或设备的具体形状及其使用环境,经过精心设计、测绘后,通过特殊工艺制作而成。它是目前高档的管道、设备保温材料,广泛应用于石油化工、化学工程、纺丝、冶金、电力、建筑、窑炉、造纸、制药、船舶、轮胎等领域的热力设备和各种管道、暖通空调及制冷装置。如管道、弯头、法兰、阀门、视镜、三通、化学反应器、设备、火电核电汽轮 机组、封头、泵、钢铁厂等高温环境下的仪表箱、热交换器、发动机排气管及其它异型件等。

Removable Thermal Insulation Covers are ideal for engine manifolds, turbo charging, flexes, expansion joint, valves of all types, flanges, and sight glasses and also any equipment that has to be repaired or serviced in remote areas where insulation contractors are not readily available.

产品特性Product Advantages

• 不含石棉Asbestos Free

• 难以燃烧Non Flammable

• 减少周围环境热量Reduces Ambient Temperatures

• 方便设备的维修保养Specifically designed for easy maintenance and inspection

• 快速拆卸并重新安装Can be removed and re-installed in minutes

• 无需专业人员操作Can be handled even with inexperienced personnel

• 可重复使用Reusable

• 根据设备的具体形状及要求定制Produced according to the specific shape and customized equipment

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