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weld safe habitat

电焊安全屋   Weld Safe Habitat


Welding Isolation Chamber can isolate and allow hot work to be carried out in a CLEAN, SAFE and HAZARD FREE manner, WITHOUT the need to SHUT-DOWN a platform and to eliminate the need for costly shut-downs.


Automatic Shutdown System.


1. Human factor replaced by automatic system

2. Closes down all electrical and air tools, if one of the following occurs:

-Gas Detection (H2S LEL)

-Loss of Overpressure

-Emergency Isolation Stop

-Equipment Malfunction

3. LEL Detector was set at 10% LEL

4. H2S Detector was set at 10 ppm



1.To isolate an area and allow hot work to be carried out in a CLEAN, SAFE and HAZARD FREE manner, WITHOUT the need to SHUT-DOWN a platform.

2. To eliminate the need for costly shut-downs.





1. Eliminates the need for shut-downs

2. Isolate the welding area

3. Contains the heat source

4. Provides a positive barrier between welding and flammables

5. Confines sparks & splatter



1. Panel standard sizes 1 meter × 1 meter or 2 meter × 1 meter

2. Panel is constructed from lightweight-flame retardant-fiber glass based material,

3. Industrial type zip fasteners (c/w toggles both inside & outside) and an integrated

4. Velcro sealing strips attached to each panel

5. Two (2) off sleeve type penetration panels; 2 meters × 1 meter emergency rip and run panel

6. Additional penetration panels are supplied upon request

7. Manometer to show positive pressure reading 20 - 60 Pascal

8. Zone-1 Explosion proof electric blowers; capable of inflating the habitat and maintaining a positive pressure and sufficient volume of air

9. Two (2) door air-lock system; to minimize air loss during entry and exit

10. Spare additional panels are supplied with each habitat

11. Repair kit for minor tears and abrasions supplied